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We hope you will take some time and read through the information pages.  eyedelon's approach to life is to keep it as simple as possible.  Complications breed anxiety and confusion.  While anxiety and confusion are great for the drug companies, doctors, lawyers, etc. you really can't lead a happy and functional life under these pressures.  We don't offer any organizing tips, makeup suggestions, or 10-second budget techniques.  What we do offer is information to address the root of the problems you may be encountering.  We are not offering a temporary fix here.  Let's get to the bottom of things, clean it up, and move on.  When you hear life isn't about the destination but the journey, it is true.  Realistically, each one of us has the same destination - death.  So you darn well better enjoy the journey.  As a note: if read nothing else, please at least give the The List a try.  It is absolutely life enhancing and well worth your time.

The List!! (Personality/Life Direction)

Chit-Chat!! (Communication Skills)

Show me the money!! (Finance)

Mirror, mirror on the wall!! (Self appreciation)

It ain't my mess, I'm not cleaning it up!! (Social Responsibility)

Get real!! (Political awareness)



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