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About Us...

eyedelon means your ideal image, the essence of you, your soul.

Our company has been developed in an effort to bring attention to the importance of one's eyedelon.  Simply put, girls need direction to grow into successful, happy women.  Women need direction to grow into successful, happy women.  That, my friends, is all we are about.  We want your soul to smile. 

Here is how we started.  One day, I watched my daughter and her friends, all around 11 at that time, as they sat on swings in our backyard on a beautiful sunny day.  They were laughing and talking and innocently happy.  It struck me.  I want every girl to feel that happiness again.  Every girl of every age should be able to giggle and smile and just be purely happy. 

How can that be accomplished with so many variables, class, race, dysfunction, etc?  The answer is individuality.  The answer is finding your core and living by that, truly loving that.  It is in changing our mental behavior and loving ourselves and each other for who we really are and not who we want each other to be. 

I think those three young ladies on the swings held the key, they were three very different girls who loved each other because of that.


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